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The Promise, Sh'nette's first book, is now available on Amazon.com as an e-book. Click inside the Latest Product Release box featured below for more details about reading a copy. The melodic tale is written as if the storyteller stands in front of the reader reciting the story. The Promise  recounts a satirical relationship interwoven between man, world, and universe. A bit of mystical element helps shape the tale from commencement as it describes the birth of Earth. The baby planet is guarded by celestial bodies, such as Sun and Moon, that are personified as perceptive beings.

Over the course of the story the entire heaven of celestial bodies must contemplate how far the mother of Earth will go to save her child from the destructive force of Man. Hints of science fiction pulls the reader through to the end as a chosen individual sets out to reach the heavens.


The Promise
New Man's Relationship to the Universe

64 pages

With the help of YouTube and Vimeo, Sh'nette has been producing Storytime videos where she shares creative writing works through cooking and eating shows. Visit now to gain insight into her writing process and character development. As a WAP (Writer / Artist / Performer) there are always infinite thoughts flowing.



At this time, excerpts from Sh'nette's second book titled, Elemental a poetic struggle, are available for viewing. Three excerpts selected from the book of poetry and short stories have been uploaded for your review. Click on the image at the left to navigate directly to the Excerpts page.

Click here to watch videos on YouTube. Snippets of Sh'nette's works in progress can be found in the Storytime playist. Other video productions include open mic performances, cooking and eating shows, and food reviews. The moving images give insight into who Sh'nette is as a WAP (Writer / Artist / Performer) and how her thought process and character development come together.


The featured poem is titled  For Silly Boys Who Become Intelligent Men. Inspiration to write this piece came from listening to a TED talk given by Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll while serving his sentence at San Quentin Prison.

Self-discipline allowed this young man to teach himself how to read. Dedication eventually learned him how to trade stocks. Life lessons while imprisoned shows true rehabilitation.



Favorite Works

What does Sh'nette enjoy reading, you wonder?

Books about improving diet, mind, body, health; exposing the truth; the dictionary; much fiction; and poetry compilations.

Favorite classic books: The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran; Sula by Toni Morrison; Possessing the Secret of Joy by Alice Walker; Tess of the d'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy; Catch-22 by Joseph Heller; Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad; Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Sh'nette also enjoys performances, especially fringe theatre, poetry slams, open readings, and science fiction too.

Click on Share Now below to visit the forum and post what you like. Click on the Write Now link below to share your literary works.

Lunch with Sh'nette

Follow Sh’nette to some healthy raw meals that eliminate unnecessary cooking and over-eating. Use little or no salt, sugar, oil, and spices – let the food’s flavor whet your appetite.

If the meal is light, mushrooms or peas add fullness.

Use foods like lime, tangerine, kumquat, and pomegranate for tangy flavor.

Grapes, mango, fresh dates, and ripe plantains can give you the sweet flavor you're looking for.

Avocado, young coconut flesh, and sapote provide a creamy texture for your meal.

Refer to page 128 in Elemental  to view a list of 120 foods that can be added to your raw meals.

Remember, food is your medicine and you should eat well to live well...


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