Sh'nette has had an appreciation for the gift of writing since childhood and in her adult years began publishing both poetry and short stories. Elemental  is her second literary publication which took five years to complete. Her first, is The Promise. "How wonderful it is to have the gift of inscribing and be able to connect thoughts into cohesive narratives and harmonious compositions of words. I can finally put the pen down because I'm happy about what I wrote."

Such an accomplishment has given Sh'nette direction and motivation to write more stories including a children's book in the future. She's always looking for artists and performance-minded people to work with; her goal is to eventually produce her work in a performing arts arena.

Beyond Writing...

Inticed by the joys of crafting and working with her hands, one of Sh'nette's hobbies is designing greeting cards. Several of her designs are shown below. One day, when she runs a gift shop.....


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